Parsley Panic!

In development, for a very long time. An action platformer full of quirky characters. Aside from outsourcing for backgrounds and voice actors, it's all me. Stay tuned.

HTML5 Demos

ShiVa experiments, plus! Retardant, Invaders, Quadbot vs Bonti. Firefox recommended. Click here to launch.

ShiVa Plugin Samples

Concepts, examples, sources, all in the ShiVa web plugin. GameTech ShiVa tech demo files are here. Firefox recommended. Click here to launch.


This is a jam game I made with my son in late 2015. Also in HTML5 demos, but just click here. Some fun concepts and tech have crossed from this to other work and vice versa.

Friendly Forest

A childrens maze game with teddy bears and a witch. My fourth release to app markets (2013). No longer available.

UFO Bam Bam

My first game released to market, originally made in three.js before picking up ShiVa (2012). This helped get the 6 year old orbiting objects out of my head :) No longer avaialable.


I wish I had more time for sculpting. And animating. And comping. And scripting. This is my by-sight sculpt of a Pop! Jack Skellington.


So many tests, so many half-projects. This shows a turn-based robot squad hex game that isn't off the ground. All prototypes lead to more usable tech for my main proj. You can find a heap in the H5 and plugin demo links.

Music Production

Many instruments learned, much forgotten. Multiple projects lost, but the best is yet to come. I'm creating funky tunes for Parsley Panic.